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I saw your keynote last week at Masscue and am having no luck accessing your blog. I see a quick glimpse of your posts and then it switches to a blank "evri" screen. Any tips to access what looks like a great blog.


I am honestly disgusted with the world of instant gratification that we live in. There is never any wait time when it comes to communication, research, and connectivity. We are no longer teaching children the importance of written coorespondance and now people can get in touch with one another instantly. Students are no longer safe within their own walls because cell phones, internet, emails, and texting make it ever so easy to reach into someone's home without being invited. Althought I understand that we lived in a time where technology is taking over the world, I still believe that students and families have a sincere need to discuss these important issues with their children and become aware so that the future of America can live morally and respectfully together.

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